Support the Survivors

There are many ways you can support Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Amanda’s daughter.

We encourage monetary donations as the best way to help them re-build their lives.

We encourage donations by credit card through The Cleveland Foundation.

CCF Button

can be made out to “Cleveland Courage Fund” and sent to:
The Cleveland Foundation
1422 Euclid ave. Suite 1300,
Cleveland, Ohio. 44115

Cash and checks can also be deposited in any Key Bank branch office in the United States.
Please request that money be deposited to the “Cleveland Courage Fund”.
Find a Key Bank Branch

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The Family Ministry Center is a partner of the Cleveland Courage Fund and they serve as the mailing address for cards, letters, well wishes and donations of non-monetary gifts to the survivors.

Letters, cards, words of encouragement and gifts can be delivered or sent to:

The Family Ministry Center
Attn: Cleveland Courage Fund
[Name of Survivor]
3389 Fulton Road
Cleveland, Ohio  44109

The Center shall maintain their relationship and communications with the official representatives of Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry and Amanda Berry’s daughter who are helping to coordinate pick-up of items received.

Family Ministry Center

Blessed Sacrament

–  Representatives of Amanda and her daughter, Michelle and Gina are encouraging supporters to make monetary donations as the best way to support their immediate and future anticipated needs.

We know northeast Ohio is a generous community, and so donations given in excess of what the women and their families need will go to other area resource ministries to support those in need in northeast Ohio. These ministries will be identified and coordinated by the Family Ministry Center. Some of the groups that will be involved include: Love Inc of Western Cuyahoga, Joy Cares and the Well.

Gift suggestion at this time:

*  Gift cards for clothing, restaurants, food or services.
*  If you want to give something to the survivors, please give gifts of new purchases or gently used items.


We ask donors interested in offering services to please send a letter that describes the service being offered and include any location or frequency limitations, any restrictions, as well as an expiration date of the services being offered. Please understand it may be weeks or even months before they are ready to accept your donation and utilize the service being offered. Gifts for services can be e-mailed to:


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