To donate, please go directly to the Cleveland Foundation Donation Page.

OUR MISSION – To provide immediate, ongoing assistance and facilitate the long-term recovery and healing of Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Amanda’s daughter as well as family members impacted by their abduction.

The Cleveland Courage Fund was established by Cleveland City Council members Brian Cummins, Matt Zone, and Dona Brady after the discovery of three women held captive in a Cleveland home for a decade. The fund, so named because of the courage shown by these women, will directly benefit Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight, and Amanda Berry and Amanda’s daughter.

All money raised – 100 percent – will benefit the survivors. The Cleveland Foundation will not assess fees on this fund and will issue a tax receipt for all donations received.  Funds donated to the Key Bank fund are not assessed fees and are not tax deductible.  All funds donated will go directly into four individual trust accounts that will benefit the survivors. None of the individuals or organizations involved are taking any administrative fees or compensation.

FUND ADVISORS – On May 16th, 2013, It was announced that Christopher Kelly, Partner-in-Charge of Jones Day, and Tom Stevens, Vice Chair and Chief Administrative Officer of KeyBank, are co-advisors to the fund. Jones Day is the law firm representing the survivors pro bono.  On May 12th, 2013 Hennes Paynter Communications LLC was confirmed as working pro-bono on behalf of the survivors and their representatives pertaining to any media inquiries.  See the official statements released on May 12th and 16th, 2013 regarding the survivor’s conditions, request for privacy and other details.  Any future statements will be added and maintained on the news section of this site.

Excerpt from May 12th, 2013 statement:

“..we ask that all media inquiries be made to Barbara Paynter ( 216-321-7774) at Hennes Paynter Communications. It would be very helpful if inquiries are made in writing. We will consider every inquiry and respond at the appropriate time.”

“Finally, there continue to be numerous generous offers of support from members of the community. Ms. Berry, Ms. DeJesus, and Ms. Knight are very appreciative of the generosity. The offers have come in many forms. Persons interested in providing support are encouraged to work with legitimate entities such as the Cleveland Courage Fund. Please contact Jim Wooley (216-586-7345) or Heather Kimmel (216-586-7195) at Jones Day with any questions about providing support.”


The Family Ministry Center, a ministry program coordinated by Bay Presbyterian Church was announced on Monday, May 13th as the designated mailing adress and drop-off location for any non-monetary contributions for the benefit of Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus, Amanda Berry, and Amanda’s daughter. For details regarding their role and need for volunteers see the Support the Survivors page.  Offers for services that can benefit the survivors should be sent with details, including any limitations and expirations dates to: clevelandcouragefund@gmail.com.


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